Central Library, GTN is one of the best Arts college libraries in the South Tamilnadu. It started its function with a vision to serve the information needs of its users and it mainly holds books related to Arts, Science and allied subjects. The G.T.N. Arts College established its library in the year 1964 the library collection is about 34257 Volumes. The library amazingly rich collection contains Abstracts, Directories, Yearbooks, Biographical sources, Textbooks, Thesis, Dissertations, Encyclopedias and General books including Tamil novels. The library is also subscribing for 31 subject journals, 38 general magazines and library subscribed full text online database like American Institute of Physics, APS, Annual Reviews, Cambridge University Press, Economic & Political Weekly, Indian journals, Institute of Physics, Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, Wilson Ominifile Full text, E-brary, Oxford Scholarship, NetLibrary, Mc Graw Hill and bibliographic database Mathscinet through N-LIST E resources (Through INFLIBNET) for resource sharing. E resource centre with 05 systems to access the E-Journals, E-books, CD/DVD’s are available in library.



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