1. Book Circulation Service
  2. Open Access: The members have the privilege of open access to the bookshelves and freedom to browse the books during the Library Working Hours.
  3. Newspaper Clipping Service.
  4. Reference service / Referral Service
  5. Journals & General magazine section
  6. Newspaper section
  7. Online Access to e-resources
  8. Reprographic services
  9. Free WIFI access


  1. Library books are the property of the library. Before taking the final University Examination or termination connection with the college, it is the responsibility of each and every member to return all library books, to settle all the library dues if any.
  2. At the time of getting their library clearance, the students are required to bring their Identity – Card.
  3. While coming for getting clearance from the college Central library, the students of the post graduate classes and final year students of all classes are required to bring No – Dues certificates from those library also for which their membership was recommended by the college Central library.
  4. Those students, who due to any reason, do not appear in their respective examination or are declared failed in the same are required to surrender their library membership so that the same not be misused. After surrendering their membership, such students get library clearance.
  5. All the staff members at the time of retirement should get the No – Dues certificate from the library. The Teaching Staff – members appointed on Ad – hoc basis must obtain clearance certificate from the library (in case of resignation or Termination). The administrative office of the college should intimate to the library regarding the concerned retired person, or about the Teacher who have resigned or have been terminated



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